The premier solution to put your fleet or other mobile assets at your fingertips, with no need for client installations.

StreetTrek Overview image

StreetTrek Mobile enables you to transform Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems into a powerful tool for receiving real-time information about portable and mobile assets and personnel, without the need for client installations at your facility.

Locate assets 24/7 with high-resolution Google Earth mapping

Track the location of every radio in your system with high-resolution Google Earth images combined with satellite and street-level maps – the most detailed imaging and mapping tools available for precision tracking. Real-time 24/7 access to data enables you to protect your assets and keep personnel safe.

Access anywhere

The StreetTrek Mobile service can be accessed from virtually all web-enabled devices, including desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.


Access to your StreetTrek Mobile service can be protected via secure user login.

Advanced tracking capabilities

Street directionality and landmarks identification integrate with satellite maps to provide advanced tracking.

Improve field communications and productivity

Dispatchers can locate the closest vehicles or personnel to where they are needed – to reduce fuel usage, allocate assets most efficiently, streamline work shifts and improve customer service.

Customizable webpage

Your company’s StreetTrek Mobile page can be customized with your logo and graphics.


Your StreetTrek Mobile data must be hosted on a StreetTrek server product.

Features StreetTrek4 StreetTrek Explorer StreetTrek4U StreetTrek Mobile
Google Earth Maps Microsoft / Tom Tom Maps
Map & Satellite View & Street Level View
Annual Renewal
Asset History Reports
Optional Milsoft Integration (With Appropriate Server)
Traffic & Construction Updates (Where Available)
Online Updates
Address Search, Street Directionality & Landmarks
Geofencing & Telemetry with Alerts