“StreetTrek Solutions’ email gateway client allows us to combine several different text/email-based software programs into one device for our clients. For example, for our building management clients, we are able to integrate work ticket software as well as BAS alarms into their portable radios. This integration allows them to eliminate the monthly reoccurring costs of smart phones or cellular/Wi-Fi-based devices and take advantage of the radio system coverage inside the building. In most of the buildings, cell phone coverage is poor and StreetTrek Solutions has allowed us to add value to our clients’ existing radio system. With the help of StreetTrek, we are constantly finding new ways to make our customers more efficient and reduce their overhead costs.”

Jeff Jacklin, Sales Manager
United Radio Communications
Bridgeview, Illinois

“Our client, an agricultural company, uses the StreetTrek GPS product to track their fuel trucks and they’re very happy with it. StreetTrek is great to work with. You never have a problem getting hold of someone on the phone. They work you through any issue, from a configuration to getting an update on the software. Their customer service is above and beyond other people’s.”

Gene Bair, Vice President
Bair’s Electronics Service, Inc
Belle Glade, Florida

“Working with StreetTrek has been a fantastic experience. They’re radio guys first. They know the end users, because they’ve been working with them for decades, and they know how to develop solutions that really solve their problems. The first StreetTrek GPS solution we installed was for an airport parking provider that used portable and mobile radios in their vehicles. They had been using a different radio and GPS system that was costing them $50 to $60 per unit per month. The StreetTrek solution eliminated those high reoccurring costs, earning our client return on their investment in just 15 months.

StreetTrek supported us before the sale, walked us through step-by-step what we needed to do. Then they helped us with the installation and setup. The GPS software required minimal training for the customer. They’re very flexible and very accommodating.”

Michael Morroney, Vice President
Communications Systems and Solutions, Inc.
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

“StreetTrek went far above and beyond to help us with a client, a major hotel in Chicago that was looking to interface their radios with GuestWare.

The client’s IT manager left in the middle of the project, and his replacement needed a lot of hand-holding to get up to speed. StreetTrek’s experts took all the time needed to walk him through the technology. Most people who provide applications would never have dedicated that much time to ensure our customer was satisfied. When someone puts in that kind of effort on your behalf, you really take notice.”

Jim Lambrecht, Chicago Sales & Service Director
Chicago Communications
Chicago, Illinois

“StreetTrek has the best support in the business. Installation, set-up and integration are all seamless. Any problem or question, you just pick up the phone and you get someone right away.

I can vouch for the StreetTrek GPS mapping product. The flexibility has allowed us to put in systems for many different types of customers – including electric co-ops, the roads department, the dept. of corrections and the sheriff’s office.

Some competitors have a small subset of StreetTrek’s features, but there’s really nothing else on the market like it. And when it comes to ease of use and tech support, no one can compare.”

Chris Rigsby, Technician
Albany Communications, Inc.
Albany, Georgia

“As one of the largest Motorola dealers in the Southeast, we rely on StreetTrek Solutions to help us gain customers, and to help us keep our customers happy.

We have provided StreetTrek GPS to a wide range of clients, from municipalities to school districts to manufacturers, with over 500 total subscribers. Our clients are all impressed by the simplicity of the software and the tech support StreetTrek Solutions provides. They’re always there with immediate answers when you have a question.”

Ben Gause, Account Manager
Radio Communication Service
Sumter, South Carolina