An innovative solution that enables school bus dispatchers to verify buses have been checked for sleeping students.

TrboChildCheck Overview image

TrboChildCheck™, when used in conjunction with Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems and StreetTrek Solutions GPS tracking software, provides school bus fleets with an innovative way to improve and confirm child safety on buses.

Driver turns key to confirm bus has been checked

TrboChildCheck is a small (only 3.25 by 2 inches) box installed at the inside rear of the school bus. After the bus route is completed, the driver simply walks to the back of the bus while checking for sleeping children, then inserts and turns a key in the lock on TrboChildCheck. A digitally encoded message confirming the bus has been checked is then sent to the StreetTrek Solutions GPS server located in the dispatch office.

Automatically document safety compliance

When the system is activated by the driver, a visual signal alerts the dispatcher that the bus has been checked. At the same time, a permanent record is stored in the StreetTrek server’s Microsoft SQL database to document compliance with school bus safety protocols.

Fast and easy to install and test

The TrboChildCheck unit is easily mounted at the rear of the interior of each school bus. A supplied cable is run to the MOTOTRBO digital radio mounted at the front of the bus and plugged into the radio. An authorized Motorola dealer can complete the installation, programming and testing of the system in minimal time.

Please note: TrboChildCheck is not a substitute for established child safety protocols on school buses. All drivers must be trained in proper, consistent use of the system.

Most StreetTrek servers and clients can be upgraded to accommodate TrboChildCheck.

TrboChildCheck is supported by:

  • Standalone repeaters
  • IP Site Connect systems
  • Capacity Plus systems
  • Linked Capacity Plus systems

Compatible with the following MOTOTRBO™ digital radios:

  • XPR4350
  • XPR4550
  • XPR4380
  • XPR4580
  • XPR5350
  • XPR5550
  • XPR5380
  • XPR5580