If your company or organization uses MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio Systems, StreetTrek Solutions can transform your radios into powerful tools to help you work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Manage assets, improve communication

StreetTrek world-class GPS mapping solutions give you real-time visibility of all of your portable and mobile assets. Continuously track the location, speed and status of your fleet, and the location of personnel, for enhanced efficiency and safety. Other StreetTrek Solutions give you the power to send text or email messages to your radios for more reliable communication; others allow you to receive automatic alerts on radios when alarms are triggered or equipment fails.

Scalable for any size organization

StreetTrek Solutions are designed to scale effectively and cost-efficiently for companies, organizations and government agencies ranging from small businesses to large, multi-national Fortune 100 corporations.

Among the many industries currently improving their performance using StreetTrek Solutions are:

City, State and Federal Agencies

StreetTrek for City, State and Federal Agencies

City, state and federal public works, administration, emergency management and other agencies use StreetTrek Solutions to more efficiently deploy their fleets and other mobile and portable assets, and to keep personnel safe.


StreetTrek for Construction

We build smart solutions to enable contractors to improve communication with personnel on site, track material deliveries, improve worker safety, and reduce operational costs.


StreetTrek for Education

StreetTrek provides the leading GPS mapping solutions used by schools, districts and higher education to keep students safe and buses on schedule. Our solution delivers real-time tracking with the benefit no recurring monthly costs.


StreetTrek for Healthcare

When seconds count and lives are at stake, StreetTrek Solutions enable healthcare administrators to minimize response time, improve patient care and manage costs throughout their facility.


StreetTrek for Hospitality

Leading national hotel chains rely on us to improve their customer service and communication. Our proven solutions link HotSOS or virtually any other work ticket management program to digital radios for more efficient response to guest issues and emergencies.


StreetTrek for Manufacturing

All size and type of manufacturers use StreetTrek Solutions to gain a valuable advantage. We deliver the power to clearly communicate on the plant floor, rapidly respond to incidents, receive equipment shutdown alerts, and track the location of mobile and portable assets.

Property Management

StreetTrek for Property Management

Whether you manage commercial or residential buildings, malls, shopping centers, stadiums, arenas or theme parks, we can help you increase your level of responsiveness for greater guest and tenant safety and satisfaction. Our solutions let you send work orders to radios, receive equipment shutdown alerts, and more.


StreetTrek for Transportation

No one delivers more powerful real-time tools to track the location, status and speed of any size or type of fleet, prevent vehicle misuse and unauthorized use, and ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.


StreetTrek for Utilities

No matter how expansive your territory, StreetTrek provides the ideal solutions to track the location and status of widely dispersed vehicles and personnel, for enhanced safety and improved response to service calls.Our solutions integrate with most outage management software.