Industry-leading fleet tracking and management solutions

StreetTrek Solutions is the recognized leader in GPS mapping and asset management for commercial fleets using MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radios. We apply unmatched expertise in Motorola radios to develop GPS solutions that perform more reliably and deliver more powerful tools to improve your performance and reduce costs.

Your fleet at your fingertips

Track the location of every vehicle in your fleet with detailed street-level Tele Atlas North American or high-resolution Google Earth maps. Real-time 24/7 access to data enables you to:

  • More effectively deploy vehicles
  • Reduce fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear
  • Ensure on-time delivery and customer satisfaction

Optimize routes with traffic updates

StreetTrek4™ provides real-time traffic and construction zone updates (where available) to help efficiently route vehicles.

Prevent unauthorized vehicle usage

When drivers exceed speed limits, use vehicles off-hours without permission, or deviate from assigned routes, it all adds to your operating costs and risk. StreetTrek GPS solutions can provide telemetry and geofencing to reduce these risks. Dispatchers can monitor the speed of vehicles, and define boundaries that specific vehicles or personnel shouldn’t cross. Whenever any asset crosses a geofence, StreetTrek sends automated visual, email and audio alerts. Alerts can also be set for specific changes in vehicle status, such as a cargo door opening or sanitation truck switch activation.

Enhance communications with text or email messaging

Drivers in noisy vehicles may miss or misunderstand verbal messages over radios. StreetTrek server solutions enable text or email messages to be delivered to the screens of radios for more effective communication. Advanced tools include group notifications and emergency notifications to improve productivity and keep drivers safe.

StreetTrek Solutions and MOTOTRBO radios will enable you to:

  • Improve routing productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce response time
  • Reduce fuel, maintenance and operational costs
  • Keep vehicles and personnel safe