Solutions for faster response and greater tenant satisfaction

Whether your organization manages commercial or residential buildings, malls, shopping centers, stadiums, arenas or theme parks, StreetTrek Solutions, in conjunction with MOTOTRBO™ digital radios, help you respond faster and communicate better, for greater guest and tenant safety and satisfaction.

Track mobile and portable assets

StreetTrek’s premier GPS mapping solutions display the location of all personnel and vehicles equipped with digital radios 24/7 in real time. When issues arise, managers can locate the closest vehicles, security or maintenance personnel to where they are needed – to reduce fuel usage, allocate assets most efficiently, streamline work shifts and improve tenant service.

Transmit written work requests to radios

Busy maintenance, engineering, security or other personnel can easily misunderstand, overlook or forget verbal work requests made over their radios. If your organization utilizes a work ticket management program, StreetTrek Solutions can provide a server solution linking your program with digital radios. Written work requests can be sent directly to the screen of a radio for more effective communication.

Receive emergency alerts

StreetTrek server solutions can also be integrated with building management systems and critical equipment. When an alarm is detected or equipment fails, an automated alert is sent to designated radios for fastest response.

StreetTrek Solutions and MOTOTRBO radios will enable you to:

  • Maximize leasing potential through greater tenant satisfaction
  • Enhance workforce productivity
  • Speed maintenance and security response times