Communicate better to work smarter and reduce downtime

The combined power of StreetTrek Solutions and MOTOTRBO™ digital radios gives plant supervisors new capabilities to communicate with workers on the factory floor, rapidly respond to emergencies and incidents, reduce equipment downtime, and enhance worker safety.

Enhance communications with text/email messaging

Voice messages over radios may be missed or misunderstood by workers in noisy factory environments. StreetTrek server solutions enable text and email messages to be delivered to the screens of radios for more effective communication. Advanced tools include group notifications and emergency notifications to improve productivity and keep workers safe.

Automated alerts ensure fast response

StreetTrek JobTrek Servers can also be integrated with critical equipment and building management systems. When equipment shutdowns or incidents trigger alarms, managers can receive automated alerts on designated radios. Fast response to incidents reduces equipment downtime and enhances plant safety.

Track vehicles and personnel with GPS mapping

Manufacturers can utilize StreetTrek GPS mapping solutions to maintain real-time visibility of all fleet vehicles as well as personnel in the factory, warehouse and office. Precision tracking and 24/7 access to data enables you to better coordinate deliveries, allocate assets most efficiently, and reduce fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear.

StreetTrek Solutions and MOTOTRBO radios will enable you to:

  • Enhance worker productivity
  • Improve worker safety
  • Reduce operational cost